Communication is vital to the human experience. The ability to speak, hear and communicate allows us to interact and connect with people-making life meaningful.

At Calligaro & King, we are passionate about empowering people to hear, listen, understand, communicate and speak better and have been providing audiology and speech therapy services in the south of Johannesburg for almost 20 years.  Our team of specialised and dedicated therapists are there to provide a holistic and professional service focused on your individual needs. 

Accurate hearing testing

If your hearing testing is inaccurate then you cannot fit a hearing aid correctly.

We ensure accurate diagnostic hearing testing so we can better understand your hearing condition and communication difficulties. We have specialized equipment to test children which is done with two experienced audiologists at a time. Comprehensive testing allows us to make an accurate diagnosis of your hearing status, provide the correct medical referrals and to determine the best hearing solution for you or your child.

As each hearing loss is unique, so must each hearing aid be programmed uniquely to provide the best amplification for each person. We have specialized equipment to ensure that the hearing aids are fitted correctly to your hearing loss, anatomy and your sound preferences.

After the hearing aids are fitted, further hearing testing with the hearing aids on is also done to determine the hearing aids’ performance in your ears and the benefit you are receiving from the hearing aids.

State of the Art hearing technology

Matching the correct hearing instruments that meet the requirements of your hearing loss, lifestyle requirements and budget is of upmost importance to us.

We are brand independent so we are free to fit you with the best possible hearing solution for your hearing loss from a wide range of options.

We sell hearing aids from Signia (Siemens), Starkey, Oticon, Widex, Cochlear, Med-El and Oticon Medical.  This range includes conventional air conduction hearing aid devices as well as implantable bone conduction devices and bone anchored devices.

Integrating hearing aids into your lifestyle

The latest technology integrates with your smart phone and TV to provide un-paralleled convenience, flexibility and sound quality.

Hearing aids can now adapt to environments based on smartphone location data, and pre-set programme information.  This allows you to personalize your listening as you move through different environments in your day – often at the touch of a button on an app.   Phone calls, music and TV can also be streamed through to your hearing aids in stereo although some accessories may be required. 

Some hearing aids can also be programmed remotely: experiencing a difficulty in a certain environment can now addressed in that environment rather than having to try and simulate it in our offices. 

In this way, hearing aids become convenient technology that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle rather than cumbersome, noisy and intrusive devices. 


Speech-language therapy

As hearing and language development are intrinsically linked, it is important for us to treat children comprehensively, looking at all areas which may affect their speech, language, listening, play and cognitive development.

We conduct an accurate assessment of your child’s strengths and difficulties with comprehensive and detailed report writing incorporating information from different professionals and settings.

Therapy sessions are conducted at regular intervals following a plan put together by the therapist and family.  We love having parents or care givers sit in on therapy.  If we can teach you how to help your child at home- we see much more progress!

Reassessments, progress reports and discussions are done biannually to ensure accountability , measure progress and determine future plans.