The latest technology and accessories

The world of audiology has exploded into a myriad of high tech, miniature hearing aids and accessories which include artificial intelligence, bluetooth connectivity, rechargeability, remote fine tuning and digital integration into your lifestyle.

Although this can sound overwhelming, these hearing aid devices and accessories have been made to be easy to use and often can be achieved by the press of a button or a touch on an app on your phone.   Don’t stress – we will set it all up for you so you don’t have to be an IT whizz!

Manufacturers have partnered with Apple to produce “Made for iPhone” hearing aids which seamlessly interface with any audio that can be played from your iPhone.  This includes streaming phone calls directly into your hearing aids!  Accessories are also available which can be attached to your TV so that the sound can be directly streamed to your hearing  aids – no more fighting over the TV being too loud!

These features are also available with most Android phones but require an extra remote to be worn on the lapel to act as a middleman through which the hearing aids can connect to your phone.

Hearing aid fittings

It is of utmost importance for us to fit you with the correct hearing aids for your needs and lifestyle.  This includes following a process so that we can explore different options to find individualized solutions that work best for you.

As we are brand independent, we can choose from a wide variety of hearing aid manufacturers to suit your needs.  We work with Starkey, Oticon, Signia (Siemens) hearing products.

Recommendations regarding hearing aid makes, options, styles and features will be discussed with you.  Hearing aid trials can be arranged so that you are able to determine their performance and benefit – the proof is in the pudding!  We programme hearing aids specifically to your hearing loss and preferences and are able to verify and validate these settings with further testing to make sure that they are providing you with the optimal fit. Counselling, aural rehabilitation and tips to help navigate difficult listening environments are also provided to assist you achieve better listening and processing.

Follow up sessions, annual hearing testing and reprogramming (where needed) will allow the hearing aids to function optimally and provide the appropriate benefit according your hearing loss.

Contact us to find out how we can integrate hearing aids and accessories seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Bone Conduction Hearing implants and Bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA®)

Conventional hearing aids rely on amplifying sound via air conduction and require some part of the device (shell, mould or receiver) to be in the ear.  In cases where the outer ear and canal have not formed correctly (microtia/atresia), where there are complications with the middle ear, e.g. chronic ear infections (otitis media), damaged or missing middle ear bones (ossicles) or an ear that is not functioning (single sided deafness), sound cannot reach its destination.

For these issues the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) systems are a more effective solution than conventional hearing aids.  Bone anchored devices send sound directly from an external sound processor to the bone via a titanium implant, naturally stimulating the inner ear needing no part in the ear canal.  Thus, sound received the ear will travel through the skull to the better cochlear and will be heard.  This allows the person not to miss out on sounds present in all his/her environments.

In young children, these devices may initially be fitted on a soft-band and later implanted when they are old enough.

There are 3 companies who offer these devices in South Africa; namely MED-EL, Cochlear and Oticon Medical and we are able to fit all of these devices.

We work closely with an ENT surgeon, Dr Duane Mol to determine the correct bone conduction system for you; taking into account your medical condition, hearing  loss, medical aid, budget, age and lifestyle.

MED-EL Bonebridge implant

MED-EL Samba sound processor

How Bonebridge works

Cochlear BAHA 5 Attract and Connect

How BAHA 5 Attracts works