Welcome to Calligaro & King Inc

Calligaro & King Incorporated has two well established private practices both in Alberton: one in Brackenhurst and the other in the Union Hospital.

We offer audiology services for children and adults including:

  • hearing tests
  • hearing screenings done at schools and nursery school
  • hearing aids, repairs, servicing
  • hearing rehabilitation and habilitation
  • ear plugs (musician, noise and swim plugs)
  • infant hearing screenings
  • hearing testing for industry

We also offer speech-language therapy services for children including:

  • assessments of speech and language development according to the age of the child.
  • speech-language therapy for a wide range of language, stuttering, pronunciation, reading and spelling difficulties.
  • working in the area of early intervention for children who have established risks for speech and language difficulties, e.g. autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, head injuries, near drowning etc.


At Calligaro & King Inc we strive to offer a holistic practice which focuses on addressing the individual needs of our clients.

As hearing and language development are intrinsically linked, it is important for us to treat children comprehensively, looking at all areas which may affect their speech, language, play and cognitive development.

On the hearing side, it is important to us to not only treat the hearing impairment, but to treat the client as a whole, focusing on rehabilitation and helping the client cope in different listening environments and becoming accustomed to wearing hearing aids. We pride ourselves in providing the latest conventional digital hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids and accessories from reputable hearing aid manufacturers and provide prompt, appropriate and ethical service.